Business Visa

Our Visa® cards are ready to go to work for you

Pay for today's repairs. Purchase equipment and office supplies. Cover business travel costs. Take the team out for a job-well-done dinner. No matter the size of your business or the industry you're in, you'll reach for the Central Virginia Federal Credit Union Visa® time and again. When it comes to your everyday finances, it can handle pretty much any job.

  • Low interest rate
  • No annual fee or cash advance fee
  • Manage your account through
  • Up to $10,000 credit limit
  • Obtain multiple cards so you can delegate spending authority to trusted members of your business team
  • Link your Business Visa® to your smartphone for easy, contactless payments at many merchants
  • Visa® benefits include travel insurance on products and services purchased with your card

Security Features

  • Make payments, check transactions and analyze statements securely through
  • Visa® Zero Liability means you are not held responsible for unauthorized transactions with your credit card*
  • Set up alerts that notify when you when a transaction has been made
  • Turn your card "off" or "on" or set spending limits with the SecurLOCK app

24/7 Assistance

It's important to contact us immediately at 800-237-6211 if your Visa® card is lost or stolen. Our dedicated Cardmember Services specialists are always available to assist you.

*Your liability to the Credit Union shall be zero ($0.00) for any Card transactions resulting from the loss, theft or other unauthorized use of the Card. Such liability may not apply when the Card is used to make an electronic fund transfer.