Debt Consolidation Loan

A good way to get back on solid financial footing

Medical bills and major repairs. Higher prices and reduced income. Even when you're responsible with money, factors beyond your control can leave you with worrisome debt. The good news is there's help available. We offer debt consolidation loans that can give you a clear path toward restoring your financial health.

  • Our loans combine all other high-interest debt and credit card balances into one affordable monthly payment
  • Central Virginia Federal Credit Union interest rates are often lower than what you are paying on current debt
  • Eliminate calls from collection agencies and added fees that come with missed payments
  • Start to rebuild your credit score

The next step

  • Visit a Central Virginia FCU branch or phone the Call Center at 434-528-9016 or 800-335-0069
  • Contact our partner, GreenPath Financial Wellness, for free, one-on-one debt reduction counseling