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GreenPath Financial Wellness

Your Path to a Bright Financial Future Begins Now…

NOW is the perfect time for “Financial Wellness Checkup” with our partners at GreenPath who provide FREE one-on-one financial counseling, debt management services and financial education tools – without a sales pitch! Take the time to re-evaluate, re-focus and make some changes to impact your future!

GreenPath is a non-profit company that partners with you to achieve your financial goals.

  • Free Financial Counseling and Debt Counseling without a sales pitch. Caring, certified advisors will help you explore options for achieving your financial goals. Everyone receives a customized action plan.
  • Debt Management Plan If you are struggling to eliminate credit card debt, GreenPath may work with your creditors to develop a mutually agreeable payment plan. The plan could stop collection calls, lower interest rates and help you save lots of money.
  • Housing Services GreenPath’s housing advisors are experts at assisting people with their housing needs. They offer foreclosure prevention services, home buyer preparation assistance, and reverse mortgage counseling.
  • Student Loan Counseling Get help as you look into student loan repayment options that can postpone or lower your payments. Learn the pros and cons of each student loan repayment strategy so you can make an informed decision.
  • Financial Education GreenPath University is your online source for free eCourses, videos, webinars, articles and other financial education resources.

You can receive assistance with:

  • Personal and family budgeting
  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score
  • Money management
  • Debt repayment
  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession
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