Student Loans

Make College a Reality: Get Your Student Loans with help from Your Community Credit Union!

We know that paying for a college education can be difficult, but Your Community Credit Union is here to help! There are four primary sources for funding higher education: family contribution, scholarships and grants, work-study programs, and loans.

STEP ONE: Get started by completing the FAFSA
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
This will determine if you will receive financial aid and provide you with an Estimated Family Contribution amount. To increase your chances of receiving financial aid, apply online as soon after January 1 as possible.

STEP TWO: Apply for scholarships, grants and work-study
Submit the Student Aid Report you receive after completing your FAFSA to the schools you are considering. They will use it to determine the amount of financial aid you will receive.

STEP THREE: Evaluate your Loan Options

  • Stafford and PLUS loans for students and parents.
  • Low-interest federal student loans like the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program
  • Private Student Loans from Your Community Credit Union