24/7 Visa Account Access

Online Access

Use eZCardInfo for Visa balance, transactions and more!

New User Enrollment

The first time you use eZCardInfo, you must enroll. Enter your account number, social security number, CVV2 number (from the signature panel of your card) and two of the following:

  • Name as it appears on card
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone Number
  • Mother’s Maiden Name

Get Started

Account Summary

A snapshot of your account as of the date and time displayed. View your current:

  • Account Balance
  • Payment Due Date
  • Amount and Date of Last Payment
  • Available Credit
  • Credit Limit
  • Minimum Payment Due

A detailed list of all transactions since your last statement is also available.


You have access to the past 24 months of account statements. Select the statement you want to review from the list of closing dates in the previous statements summaries drop down menu.

Bill Payment

Securely pay your credit card bill from the Bill Payment page of You supply the account and routing numbers from your savings or checking account, the name on the account and the amount you wish to pay.

Find Transactions

Finding specific expenses is a breeze with the Find Transactions page. You can search current or previously statemented transactions using any of the following criteria:

  • Transaction Type
  • Expense Category
  • Transaction Amount
  • Merchant Name
  • Transaction Memo
  • Date Posted
  • Reports

You can track card expenses by creating, viewing and printing reports from the Reports page. You can also view the ten merchants you’ve spent the most with or the ten most expensive purchases charged to your card.

Set Alerts

Manage your account by having eZCardInfo monitor for specific events. Receive notification via e-mail when the events occur. You can set alerts for any or all of the following:

  • Credit Limited Reached or Exceeded
  • New Statement Available
  • Balance is Within a Certain Amount of Credit Limit
  • Balance Exceeds or Drops Below a Certain Amount
  • Payment, Credit or Return Posts
  • Posted Item Exceeds a Certain Amount

You may also select “Send an Alert on this Date” to have eZCardInfo email you a reminder of any date or occasion.