Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself…from yourself

Overdraft Protection

Everyone has an “Oops” moment!

It might be a simple error in your checkbook, an unplanned event or an emergency…. We understand that life happens and mistakes happen. That’s why CVFCU offers several overdraft protection options.

Overdraft Protection from Savings

  • Automatically moves money from savings to checking to cover overdrafts (as long as funds are available…so keep some “cushion money” in there!)
  • There is a nominal fee for each transfer from savings (but that beats an NSF fee and other charges from the merchant!)
  • Due to federal regulations, electronic transfers from savings are limited to six uses per month

Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Automatic protection when you need it
  • No transfer or overdraft fees!
  • Access to cash when you need it for large or unexpected expenses
  • Payments are billed monthly according to the balance on the last day of the previous calendar month assuming a three month repayment period. Current rate is 15.00% Annual Percentage Rate.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege acts as your last line of defense against overdrawing your checking account. (So if you have protection from savings and/or a line of credit those will be used first.)