What you need to know


Overdraft Privilege has you covered in a pinch

We know that life is busy and unpredictable – simple mistakes and unexpected expenses happen to all of us! That’s why we’re happy to offer Overdraft Privilege as a service to our members with eligible checking accounts.

*If you have Overdraft Privilege, you were recently notified by mail. *
If your account is eligible, Overdraft Privilege is already active on your account. There is nothing for you to do unless you want to “Extend Coverage” to include transactions made at an ATM and your everyday debit card transactions. To do that, click here.

What is Overdraft Privilege?
Overdraft Privilege protects you against the embarrassment and expense of having your checks returned unpaid due to an overdraft of your account. Instead of automatically returning a check for insufficient funds, we may pay your overdrafts up to a pre-determined limit.

What does it cost me?
There is no fee for having this privilege on your account. You will only be charged if Overdraft Privilege is used to cover an overdraft. You will pay the same fee that would be charged for an overdraft/NSF check, but, with Overdraft Privilege, your check will clear! This means you won’t have to pay an additional fee from the merchant or suffer the embarrassment of a returned check.

Avoiding the $37 Hamburger…
Overdraft Privilege is a great service if used correctly – as a “safety net” to cover accidental overdrafts due to unexpected expenses or simple mistakes. It should never be considered a substitute for balancing your checkbook, monitoring your account balances and spending within your means.

If you aren’t keeping good records of how much money you have available in your checking account, the next time you swipe your debit card for a $2 hamburger, it could cost you $37!

Fortunately, using Overdraft Privilege appropriately is as simple as paying attention to your checking account balance. If you need help managing your checking account, please call 434/528-9016.

To learn more about Overdraft Privilege, click here.