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Your Credit Union On Campus

Lynchburg College

Your Community Credit Union On Campus is a student run branch and full service ATM located in the Drysdale Student Center outside of the Campus Store. The branch is open two afternoons per week with hours posted at the beginning of each semester. The ATM is available 24/7! Make deposits, withdrawals, check your balance, transfer funds…everything you need in the safety and security of your campus student center.

Why Join a Credit Union?

We are a not-for-profit financial institution offering all of the products and services as other financial institutions, but, because we are not-for-profit, our members’ enjoy better rates and fewer fees!

Why Join Your Community Credit Union On Campus?

Because you don’t want to spend $3+ in fees every time you need cash! (You can use most cards in the ATM but you will incur a fee each time – from us and possibly from your financial institution.) You can use your CVFCU ATM or debit card to access your credit union account for free, unlimited transactions in our ATM.

We are ON CAMPUS…and everywhere you need us to be! In addition to our On Campus branch and ATM, we have locations around Lynchburg. We also offer nationwide access to Shared Branches and ATMs that you can use as if you are at our locations.

How do I get money into this account?

You can deposit checks or cash, set up direct deposit into the account, use electronic transfers, use PayPal…etc…etc…. If you want to make in-person deposits outside of the Lynchburg area, find a Shared Branch. If you make a cash deposit, it should be available immediately. (Parents, this comes in handy if you need to get money to your child asap!)

Do my parents have to be on my account?

That depends…. If you are 18 or older, you can be on the account by yourself. Your parents will be able to put money IN but we won’t be able to give any information OUT to anyone other than you. That sounds pretty good…until you think it all the way through. If this will be the first checking account you will be managing, you may want an extra set of eyes and ears. And, besides, I know my Mama wouldn’t have put money into an account if I didn’t invite her to be on it! So, there’s that….

What’s this going to cost me?

There is a one-time $5 membership fee and a minimum balance of $5 in your savings per person on the account. (So, if you are going to join and have 2 parents joint on the account, you will need $20 – $5 for your membership and $15 for your savings account.) BTW, you have to have a savings account to belong to a credit union…that’s what entitles you to a vote and makes credit unions democratically controlled.

We have checking account options with no minimum balance and no monthly fee. Most students go with the Branchless account.

I want in! …so how do I do that?

We recommend joining at a CVFCU Branch or On Campus during your SOAR session. (Sorry, you can’t JOIN at a Shared Branch.) By setting up your account in person, you avoid the need for having signatures and IDs notarized and mailing stuff in.

If you join in person with us, you just need to bring your $5 membership fee, everyone who will be on the account (with a driver’s license, military ID or passport) and $5 per person for the savings account.