EC Glass Hilltopper Branch

Hilltopper Branch

The Hilltopper Branch of EC Glass High School was established in the Fall of 2014 in partnership with Lynchburg City Schools. This exciting location is a student credit union branch designed in its own room. The Hilltopper Branch opens each day for both lunch periods.

The Hilltopper Branch assisted in a “Reality Store” simulation for the school by acting as the financial institution for the event. ECG Students in this event were given an annual salary, family size, and expenses all while learning how to handle their finances. Our credit union student workers assisted in teaching how to setup accounts, the importance of savings, and tips for managing their paychecks! This is just another avenue for providing financial education using our unique resources!

Our teacher sponsor is Jordan Vennable. Mrs. Vennable is a personal finance teacher and is passionate about students applying the concepts of personal finance to handling their own money.