The Bee Branch Student Credit Union

Bee Branch

In 2007, Your Community Credit Union established The Bee Branch at Brookville High School. This was the first student run credit union in Region 2000! The program was designed to work along with the new Personal Finance course requirement for graduation in Virginia high schools. The partnership was a coordinated effort to provide students with a way to learn how to save and manage their own personal finances. This effort continues today!

The Bee Branch is a free standing mobile branch in the main lobby of the school. Students enjoy the convenience of this branch during all lunch periods. In addition, CVFCU sponsors “Lunch & Learn” sessions, educational resources and a variety of school activities.

Ms. Kimberly Scharnus is the teacher-sponsor for this school branch and has been actively involved with the branch since its inception.

Based on the success of The Bee Branch, we have opened three other student run credit unions in the area!